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Snash - Covid Bundle FFP2

Snash - Covid Bundle FFP2
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  • JU-SNA-014.1
Snash - Covid Bundle FFP2   Inhalt: 1x Bootshaus Feuerzeug 1x Bootshaus Promo... more
Product information "Snash - Covid Bundle FFP2"
Snash - Covid Bundle FFP2

1x Bootshaus Feuerzeug
1x Bootshaus Promo Bundle (9x Sticker + 1 Postkarte)
3x Ansuk FFP2 NR Masken
Wahl aus:

1x Bootshaus Schal
1x Bootshaus Emblem Cap Rosa
1x Bootshaus Lanyard
Ansuk - FFP2 NR Maske
Certified: CE2834 EN 149:2001 + A1:2009
Do not use the respirator to enter or stay in a contaminated area under the following circumstances:
1. Atmosphere contains less than 19.5% oxygen.
2. If you smell or taste containment.
3. For protection against gases or vapors.
4. Contanimants or their concentration are unknown or immediately dangerous to life or health.
5. For sandblasting, paint-spray operations and asbestos treatment.
6. In explosive atmosphere.
1. This mask marked "NR", shall not be used for more than one shift.
2. Never substitute, modify, add or omit parts in the configuration as specified by the manufacturer.
3. This mask offers protection against certain particulate contaminants but does not completely eliminate exposure to the risk of contracting disease or infection.
4. Do not use the particle half mask with facial hair or any other conditions that may prevent a good face-seal, the requirements of leakage will not be achieved.
5. Discard and replace the mask if:
- The mask is removed whilst in the contaminated area.
- Clogging of the mask causes breathing issues.
- The mask becomes damaged.
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